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Nikki Richardson and her partners provide customized communications training and strategic public relations counsel to businesses, organizations and agencies worldwide.

Customized Training

My team has worked successfully with both businesses and agencies to provide customized training to their spokespeople. We conduct workshops for people with a wide range of experience and celebrity from CEOs in the Fortune 500 to managers in emerging businesses.

Our Workshops

My team and I design, prepare and conduct customized training workshops that concentrate on media interview techniques, platform speaking, presentation skills and crisis communications management.  

Our  sessions work for our clients and we guarantee that, following these workshops, motivated participants will see a noticeable difference in their ability to communicate and persuade. If any portion of the program doesn’t meet your expectation, we will continue to work with you until you feel the goal has been reached.

In addition to our guarantee, there are "Three Cs" that make us different from most communications trainers: Customization, Content and Consulting.


We meet the specific training needs of your spokespeople. That’s because we design, prepare and conduct highly customized workshops -- not canned seminars. We have conducted dozens of these workshops and no two were alike. In each case, the participants’ needs and the message content were unique. We respect that uniqueness.


We deliver more value to your spokespeople by helping them with content -- not just general techniques. Indeed, we teach communications techniques in terms of the content your spokespeople use every day.


We have learned that a communications workshop is only a beginning -- most participants can benefit greatly from additional guidance after the workshop. That’s why we offer unlimited one-on-one consulting and advice by telephone to all participants for 12 months following each session. There is no additional charge for this valuable assistance -- it’s included in the price of the workshops. We know of no other trainers who add this bonus.

The result is training that puts power behind your messages.

 Strategic Public Relations Counsel

Crisis Communications Management

When a crisis strikes or an issue begins to percolate, you want to have in place the most useful, practical and straightforward communications plan possible; one that will help you select the most appropriate response immediately. When time is of the essence, you want the guidance and counsel of a specialist.

For more than twenty years, Nikki Richardson has provided counsel to executives and managers for some of the most critical situations businesses and organizations can face, including:

Our services include Assessment and Planning, Direct Intervention, Second Opinions, Training and Simulations. Our goal is to prepare you for the unexpected by helping you to plan ahead.

Foundation PR Programs

The Foundation PR Programs are designed for early-stage buyers of public communications services. That can include pre-IPO and early post-IPO companies, professional organizations, spin-outs, employee buy-outs, free-standing acquisitions or acquisitions in transition, and not-for-profit organizations.

The Foundation PR team is made up of a consortium sole proprietors who specialize in the essential elements of a successful communications program: media and analyst relations, speech writing, broadcast relations, investor relations, employee communications, marketing communications and design, and online marketing. The team members have an average of more than 20 years of experience in communications.

Rather than offering "cookie-cutter" solutions, we design programs based on your specific needs and budgets. And because of our business model, we can offer the best services for your communications dollars. There are no juniors doing the work and there is no big-agency overhead.

With our combined experience, the Foundation PR team can offer you insights into the way successful communications programs work and help you build a strong foundation for a program of your own.

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